Exhibition Past

GIOVANNA GARZONI Ascoli Piceno 1600 - 1670 Rome Pumpkins gouache on vellum (?) 22 x 34,5 cm (unframed) 60 x 48 x 8 cm (framed)

Colnaghi and Artuner are delighted to announce Love at the Source, a group exhibition to be staged at Colnaghi London from 16 May – 14 June 2024.

Reflecting upon the fluidity of our times, Love at the Source contemplates the figurative logic of Old Master works alongside the more intuitive approach often found in Modern and Contemporary art. The show borrows its title from Francesco Boneri’s (known as Cecco del Caravaggio) eponymous painting; a focal point from which centuries of carefully curated works will emanate, in a scintillating mix of the old and the new.

Alongside established names such as Claude Lorrain, Henri Matisse and Luis Meléndez, the show will feature a wealth of diverse, emerging talent. German painter Pia Krajewski reinterprets the genre of still-life through a haptic and intuitive feel of the canvas. Her subject matter captures life in a state of evolution, tracing a thread across her body of work. David Czupryn depicts surreal encounters, incorporating art historical and mythological figures using a carefully layered technique reminiscent of the Old Masters. Marcus Cope interprets memories through his painting, conveying the complexity of relationships and identity through metaphor. Manuele Cerutti explores the perception of identity, pushing the boundaries of portraiture and exploring, within them, storytelling and experimentation. Paul Kneale considers our world’s transition into a digital language that simplifies, trivialises and depersonalises content and its intended audience, contextualising this through his use of mixed media.

Love at the Source aims to investigate how a collection can expand the boundaries of curatorial criticism by demolishing critical stereotypes, challenging mainstream assumptions of both the Old Master and Contemporary genres and- ultimately- disproving the perception that the two are incompatible.