London Art Week Summer 2019

27th Jun 2019 - 31st Jul 2019
For London Art Week, alongside our usual selection of important Spanish and Italian paintings and sculpture, we will be putting on an exhibition exploring the relationship between seventeenth-century artists and antiquity, juxtaposing Ancient Greek and Roman art and objects with the paintings they inspired.

From the Renaissance onwards, the rediscovery of antique art, literature and history deeply impacted the visual culture of the time, a phenomenon which continued to gain impetus well into the Mannerist and Baroque periods. For example, one of the highlights of the exhibition, Hendrick de Clerk’s Judgement of Paris takes a subject derived from Ovid and depicts it using knowledge of antique sculpture and iconographical models, demonstrating the various ways an understanding of Antiquity manifests itself in the art of the time.

On the 3rd July, at 9am, Colnaghi all be hosting a panel discussion on the subject of Old Masters in the Digital Age. The discussion, between Mark Rosen of Artsy and Will Elliott of Colnaghi, will explore the ways in which which galleries, dealers, curators, and institutions have successfully developed digital marketing and storytelling strategies to promote the work of Old Masters.

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Francisco de Palacios A still life of silver and gold plate, with fruit, pastry and other objects and vessels, all on a table
Roman Cameo of Minerva , Late second century to third century AD
Greek Chalcidian Helmet , 5th to 4th century BC
Greek Corinthian Helmet, ca. 575 – 500 BC.
16th Century School Design for a Shield
Roman Figurine of Minerva, 2nd century AD
Roman Finger Ring with Glass Intaglio of the Dioscuri , 1st century BC to 1st century AD
Roman Fresco of Alexander in Military Uniform , 1st century AD
Greek Head of a God, ca. mid 5th century BC
Greek Highly Tinned Chalcidian Helmet, 5th-4th century BC.
Filippo Vitale Judith beheading Holofernes, Naples 1589/90 – 1650
Greek Kantharos with Painted Ivy Leaves, Boeotian, ca. 450 - 400 BC.
Samnite, Ca. 400 – 200 BC. Panoply of Armor
Attributed to Pietro Facchetti Portrait of a collector in the Colosseum
Louis-Léopold Boilly Portrait of a young boy wearing the Décoration du Lys
Abraham Bloemaert Psyche , (Gorinchem, 1566 – Utrecht, 1651)
Samnite, Late 5th to early 4th century BC. Samno-Attic Helmet
Antonio Zanchi The Death of Socrates, (Este, 1631 – Venice, 1722)
Hendrick de Clerck The Judgement of Paris
Benedetto Buglioni The Penitent Magdalene , (Florence, ca. 1460 – 1521)
The Master of the Prodigal Son The penitent Mary Magdalene, c. 1535-1540
Joan de Joanes The penitent Saint Jerome
Sir Anthony Van Dyck (Antwerp 1599 - London 1641) The Penitent Saint Peter
Gioacchino Assereto The Punishment of Prometheus
Greek Three fragments of a red-figure krater depicting an Amazonomachy possibly by the Dinos Painter, Attic, ca 430 - 410 BC.
Roman Torso of Dionysus, 1st-2nd century A.D