Upcoming Exhibition
To coincide with the launch of the Colnaghi Foundation’s Practice of Drawing microsite, we are delighted to announce our upcoming exhibition "From Michelangelo to Matisse: Five Centuries of Master Drawings and Works on Paper." The exhibition will take place in our London gallery from 24 October to 27 November.

Colnaghi’s history is inextricably linked with works on paper, with some of the most prestigious drawings to have been on the market passing through the firm’s hands. This exhibition celebrates the firm´s legacy, displaying important drawings from the last five centuries in juxtapositions which will reveal a continuity of practice throughout time, as well as giving vivid insights into the differing functions and techniques of drawing and the vital role that it played in the creation of art.

We are delighted to announce our upcoming exhibition "From Michelangelo to Matisse: Five Centuries of Master Drawings and Works on Paper."
Colnaghi's Antiquities Townhouse
Autumn in New York
Colnaghi's Antiquities Department in New York celebrates its third year under Director Carlos Picón. The Department offers a large and diverse selection of objects from many cultures of the Ancient World.

The Department's holdings include notable examples of Pre-Columbian, Ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, European Bronze Age—as well as every period of Classical Antiquity from the earliest Greek Neolithic and Cycladic to the late Roman Empire and the subsequent Byzantine epoch. Believing in an interdisciplinary approach to Antiquities, we host innovative exhibitions that showcase ancient art and artefacts next to Old Master Paintings and contemporary works.

Colnaghi commemorates the third year since the opening of its antiquities department in New York.
Current Exhibition
Our current exhibition, set in the Abbazia di San Gregorio in Venice, unites Old masters with modern works through our collaboration with interior designer Chahan. It aims to capture the timeless spirit of the Grand Tour, illustrating the lifestyle of modern day collectors. The exhibition runs until November 24th, 2019 by appointment only.

The Abbazia di San Gregorio was originally built in the 9th century as a Benedictine Abbey. Located centrally on the Grand Canal, near Santa Maria della Salute, it was restored in the early 20th century and includes architectural and decorative features spanning more than 1,000 years. Set amidst its medieval architecture, and the expanse of rooms centered around an impressive courtyard, the installation aims to encapsulate the timeless spirit of the Grand Tourist and illustrate the lifestyle of a modern-day collector.

Set in the medieval Abbazia di San Gregorio, the exhibition evokes the elegant home of a 21st century art collector (until November 24th, by appointment only).
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Jorge Coll, CEO Colnaghi, at The New York Times Conference Art Leaders Network in Berlin discussing "The Preoccupation with Contemporary Art" with Tobias Meyer and James Rondeau.